A Brand New Future Benefit plan

As a Swisscom DevOps Center employee, you can choose out of several beneficial options to secure your financial future. And as a partner, we at Brand New Day are here to help you with what’s best. You can find all the info you need on this page or schedule an appointment with us.

Plan a date

Want some help with your choice or just a little support with activating your account? Don’t hesitate to book a slot with our Information desk. We have plenty of experts, waiting to help you on an appropriate time.

Your options

Basically you have 2 options to upgrade your starting point too. So let’s start with that last one.
Savings account
The starting point of your new future benefit plan is a defined contribution to your nominated account, which you can put aside on your regular savings acount at your own bank. However, Brand New Day offers you two other options to make your (financial) future a little bit more comfortable.
Investment account
For a bit more growth potential, you can consider an investment free account. With such an account, every euro will be invested into several thousand stocks and bonds from all over the world. Don’t know what the difference between a stock and a bond is yet? Don’t worry, we will explain all of it during a personal appointment.
Investment Retirement account
With an investment retirement account, you will put the money in a blocked account, only to be used when you reach your retirement age. The big upside: deposits are tax-deductible, so you will get a refund of your paid income tax.
If you choose for the investment account, your 30% expat arrangement will not have an influence on the benefit program. Over de 4% increase of your salary. 30% will not be taxed.

If you choose for the investment retirement account, your jaarruimte will be calculated on the basis of 70% of your income. The jaarruimte is calculated over your taxable income. In your 30% expat arrangement your taxable income is the 70%. If you would like to have more information about the 30% expat arrangement, feel free to plan an appointment with our pensiondesk.
If you move to another country within the European Union you can remain a client with Brand New Day. In this case you can keep your account with us and can even make deposits. We keep investing your money.

If you choose to move to another country outside the European Union remaining a client with Brand New Day depends on the country you move to. In some cases you can remain our client, but cannot deposit any money. In this case you keep your account with us and we keep investing your money. In other cases you cannot remain a client with Brand New Day. If you know which country you want to move to you can make an appointment with our pensiondesk.
You will remain a client at Brand New Day. If there is jaarruimte you can still make a deposit on the retirement account.
Make an appointment with our pensiondesk. We will contact you to set up you benefitplan. You just need to make a choice between the Savingsaccount, Investmentaccount or Retirement investmenaccount. If you made your choice we will help you set it up!
For Swisscom employee’s our help is entirely free. Opening an actual account is too, but you might encounter afsluitkosten (45euro) that you have to accept with our general terms and conditions. If that is the case, it will also be mentioned in the default confirmation emails from Brand New Day. To be sure: the costs won’t actually be charged, but are part of our regular onboarding.

When you open an account together with an employee of BND, we will switch off the costs automatically. No actions needed from you here. Do you open this account by yourself, then please notify us by emailing your brand new IBAN (BND bank account number) to info@brandnewday.nl. We will switch of the costs as soon as we hear from you.

Investing means taking risks

Please consider all those risks before starting investing.

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